tetraphonics saxophone workshops

Our workshops are not only an opportunity for us to present our views on saxophone tone and saxophone music by performing in concerts, but also for the participants to become actively involved in our ideas and methods.

What it's about:

  • Play together with other saxophone-enthusiasts
  • Experience first-hand Tetraphonics' concept of saxophone-tone and music
  • Discover new ideas about and motivation for one's own playing
  • Build experience in chamber music and large ensemble playing

Workshops include:

  • "Open" private-lessons: all participants are invited to observe the lessons
  • Chamber music: Participants learn from each other and work together in preparing selected duos, trios, quartets, etc. Members of Tetraphonics will coach the groups to add the final touches before the pieces are performed at the final concert.
  • Saxophone orchestra: Preparation of a concert program that includes all participants. Selected arrangements and original repertoire from classical to jazz will be rehearsed. Fine tuning through section rehearsals help get everyone concert-ready.
  • Themed evening presentations over a large array of topics: practice techniques, stylistic interpretations, jazz and improvisation, equipment selection, repertoire, the saxophone's role in music history, etc.
  • Participant's concert: A public performance of all orchester pieces and chamber-music groups


  • maximum 40 participants
  • 3-5 days in length
  • Saxophon orchestra pieces will be mailed out 4 weeks before the start of the workshop.

 Open to:

  • Beginners with some fundamentals as well as advanced players
  • Hobby players as well as professional musicians
  • All ages

The content and topics of our workshops are, when possible, tailored to the requests and interests of the most important people: the participants. The more questions and requests that we receive up front, the more varied, interesting and fun the workshop will be.

Email us with any specific questions or requests you may have.