The quartet uses instruments and mouthpieces reminiscent of Sax's original design in order to achieve a well balanced, but highly flexible and nuanced tone quality. Established by the saxophone pioneer Sigurd Raschèr, this tone quality can recall the strength and clarity of brass instruments, the softness of the strings and even the human voice. 

Tetraphonics continues this tradition of classical saxophone and develops it further in a contemporary context. In this way, by demonstrating the potential of the instrument, Tetraphonics aim to change the listener's preconceived ideas of how the saxophone can sound.

Tetraphonics offers:

  • unique tone that is harmonically balanced, colorful and rich in overtones and therefore ideal for concert music and for what can be classified as "classical saxophone"
  • repertoire of a wide variety from Baroque and Classic through jazz to the most exciting new works of today's composers
  • applicability of our unique tone quality and broad range of repertoire through thematic oriented concert programs taylored to fit any occasion
  • sustainability through workshops to pass on our playing style to other players and, thereby, promote and enrich this tradition
  • more than 100 years of professional experience by the four members combined, including their extensive studies at universities in Germany, Holland and America