Founded in 1994, the Tetraphonics saxophone quartet advocates a performance style that references and furthers the original tonal intentions of the instrument‘s inventor, Adolphe Sax. 

Steffen Hass (Soprano saxophone), Elmar Frey (Alto saxophone), Volker Ax (Tenor saxophone) and Noah Bedrin (Baritone saxophone) focus on highly reflective, detail-oriented interpretations of music by composers such as Bach and Mozart as well as contemporary composers, thereby pushing the boundaries of the saxophone's versatility.

Tetraphonics combines the original saxophone sound-quality with a wide spectrum of repertoire, including premiering new works by today's contemporary composers. Our attention to the finest musical details results in intelligent but highly dynamic and emotional concert performances.


21.-24.6.2017, Brühl


Aufnahme-Projekt "Mirages" von Barbara Thompson,...

21.05.2017, Brühl, Christuskirche


Veröffentlichungskonzert der neuen CD "Kaleidoskop" in der...